Sioux Falls Airport

Runge Enterprises has been involved in a number of high profile and challenging projects throughout the years. One of the more unique projects was the replacement of the intersection of the two major runways at the Sioux Falls Airport in a single weekend. To accomplish this project Runge partnered with Soukup Construction, a local competitor, and a number of independent truckers, to bring in enough equipment and trucks to remove the concrete and subgrade, as well as, haul in the base material. As many as 8 excavators, 4 bulldozers, 4 packers, 2 loaders, and over 50 trucks were utilized. Paving began within 10 hours of starting the project. 

12th and I29

Another project which was unique at the time was the 2006 12th and I29 reconstruction project, which included a temporary bridge, and was the introduction of incorporating crushed surfacing into the subgrade for “select subgrade topping”. Runge Enterprises pioneered the process and has done multiple jobs for the South Dakota D.O.T. utilizing this technique. 

flood control projects

Runge Enterprises was the prime contractor for a number of flood control projects raising the levee system around Sioux Falls. Working with the Corps of Engineers from Omaha, Runge raised the levee system by 8 feet, and added several major flood control structures including, a dam on the Big Sioux River.